National Advisory Board

The Nigeria National Advisory Board for Impact Investing has a three tiered structure – comprising a 15-member board, a second tier consisting of four working groups: The supply of capital, demand for capital, Intermediaries and policy working groups and the NAB Secretariat, the Impact Investors’ Foundation.

Defining The National Advisory Board For Impact Investing


Despite the title ‘board’, the NAB is not a corporate board because they have no shareholders and no direct authority for management of actors in the field. Unlike other advisory boards because the NAB is action oriented. The advisory board has some similarities with representative associations and industry bodies but show a greater orientation to foresight for what will be needed next to catalyse the Nigerian market.



A dynamic ecosystem for impact investment in Nigeria that 
delivers measurable and improved outcomes at scale for society, 
the environment, and the economy while increasing 
equitable access to capital.



To catalyze and promote a dynamic ecosystem for impact investing in Nigeria by
  • Increasing the demand for impact capital by investment-ready MSMEs and Social 
    Organizations through capacity building programs
  • Increasing and deepening the supply of impact capital for 
    investments in MSMEs and Social Organizations
  • Promoting impact investing regulatory and policy 
    framework in government
    and public offices
  • Promoting the number & effectiveness of intermediaries to
     facilitate access to impact capital