IIF Webinar Series: How is Africa’s largest economy responding to COVID-19?

Impact Investors Foundation IIF Webinar series

Impact Investors Foundation IIF Webinar Series Impact of COVID19


The IIF Webinar Series affords Impact Investors, philanthropists, donors, fund managers, government, professionals, industry leaders, business owners and civil society actors to share their insights on the impact of COVID-19 in Nigeria.


On this first series, the panelists appraise the impact of the COVID-19 on Nigeria’s socio-economic and political landscape. The spread of the virus is not yet at its peak in the country. However, the impact has been debilitating on the already fragile economy, which is causing a lot of panic in the society. Also, the various economic analysis and predictions from experts paint a very gloomy future for Nigeria. The panelists will appraise the emergency responses of the government and other stakeholders. Also, make recommendations of what must be done to save Africa’s largest economy from going into a recession.


Register to be a be part of this conversation: https:bit.ly/IIFWebinarSeries1 

Date: May 20

TIme: 12 noon.

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